Tesco’s new diner-style restaurant, Fred’s Food Construction, has been developed by design agency Sheridan & Co.

The first branch of the diner has opened in Tesco’s Osterley branch in South West London. It was developed by entrepreneurs Daniel Gestetner and Paul Goodale, with backing from the supermarket giant. The subs-based menu is inspired by sandwiches from the East Coast of the US.

“Fred’s is inspired by the rich heritage and classic recipes of the American all-day deli,” says Paul Goodale. “It will offer hungry workers and shoppers great food and service within a contemporary environment.”

Sheridan & Co worked on the environment. “This is a bold and exciting move for both Tesco and Fred’s and we’re thrilled to have spearheaded the design as part of this unique partnership,” says agency founder and chairman Michael Sheridan. “We wanted to create a whole retail brand concept, rather than just a single standalone restaurant. We have created an experience where diners feel like they are eating alongside those iconic workers on the emerging New York skyline.”

The counter of the diner is constructed from girders and table sauces are presented in metal lunchboxes. An industrial colour scheme is used to. “This is a fully immersive experience and one that’s designed to appeal directly to the high volume of office-base workers surrounding the Osterley store,” says Sheridan.