Project Description

Value Retail plc

In 2014, Epicurean was approached by Value Retail, the operator of 11 luxury retail villages across Europe.


Re-engineer the food and beverage offering throughout the villages to deliver a hospitality experience which reflects the values of the luxury retail business.


Strategic Review – a SWOT analysis was conducted covering all aspects of the existing German business; looking at people, product, property and profit. A future size and shape Board document was produced for Executive approval.

Primary Research – on-site studies were undertaken to ascertain customer behaviours and flow patterns

GAP Analysis – a review was completed showing the existing shape of offer and opportunities where this could be fixed, stretched or supplemented in order to impact customer engagement, participation levels, dwell time and average spend.

Commercial Partner Negotiation – concession partner negotiations were undertaken on behalf of the client, with new luxury operators being identified and approached as part of this process.


Value Retail has successfully grown participation levels through its Food Service provision, whilst more closely aligning its food service values with those of the adjacent fashion retailers.

The subsequent arrival of operators such as Nick Jones Soho House & Co. has further cemented this ascendancy.

Client Comments

“We appreciate the work you have done which enabled you to get an insider’s view of our hospitality arrangements. Your insights are valued.”

Janie Ligon, Director